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   “Do you get it? That was a joke.”

   “Ya, I got it.” I said in an annoyed voice, tucking my blond-brown hair behind my ear. I was sitting in a coach bus on my way to Spring Hill, a church camp I attended every winter. However, sitting next to and talking to  Kyle Will made you completely forget the word ‘church’. “Just shut up.” I told him jokingly.

   “Shu uhh!” He said in a high, girly voice, mocking me. So my voice was high-pitched. It wasnt nearly as bad as he exaggerated it to be. Plus, I was a girl. What did it matter that my voice was naturally a little higher than most?

   “Shu uh!” I said in the same voice he used to tease me. I looked him right in his brown eyes. He had taken off his glasses, and truly he looked better without them. His brown hair was spiked up in the front, the only way I had ever seen him style it. I took a breath in through my nose and was engulfed by the wonderful scent that could only be his cologne. “Shu uhh, shu uhh, shu uhh!”

  After we exchanged this back and forth a few times, my friend Jenny turned around in her seat.

   “Would both of you just shut up?!” she snapped.

   Kyle and I smiled. “Shu uhhhh!” we said, causing her to turn back around and turn up her iPod as loud as it would go.

   Kyle reached into his backpack and pulled out the object of which his life revolved. His iTouch. With over 3,000 photos, who knows how many videos, and probably 20 pages of apps; this piece of technology was Kyle’s prized possession. And, luckily for him, the bus had wi-fi.

   I stared out the window while Kyle checked his Facebook for notifications when suddenly Kyle is climbing on me and takes a seat right in my lap.

   “What is this?” I ask, only to watch him laugh at me. “I will lick your face.” I warn playfully.

  “Do it.” He replies, sounding eager. Not the response I was expecting.

  To scare him off of my lap I stuck out my tounge and joking motioned it towards his face. But Kyle Will didn’t move an inch. Before I knew that, however, I had already licked his chin to his hair-line.

   “EWW!” I screamed, laughing at the same time.

  “I’m not even gonna wipe it off. I’m just gonna leave it there.” He said, laughing.

   “Thats so nasty.” I said, as Kyle bent over to pull something else out of his backpack. A blue Jolly Rancher. 

   “I’m wearing my lucky boxers, you know.” He said with a grin.

   “Oh ya?” I said,  “Are you going to show me?” It was rhetorical, because I knew he was.

  He pulled down his pants slightly and showed me the boxers he had on underneath. They were Christmas boxers. However, they didn’t have little Christmas trees, or snowmen. The had the word “naughty” written all over them.

   This bus ride was bad by itself. It didn’t help that I was dating his friend.